PQA824, PQA823 and VEGA78 are three-phase and single-phase power analyzers. They allow for the analysis of all electric parameters which can be measured nowadays, elaborating them easily and quickly

These devices can be easily programmed thanks to the new color touchscreen display with icon menu, which guarantees the selection of internal parameters in a simple and intuitive way

The Help online function available on each screen is a valid and concrete help for the operator in understanding how the devices are used. Each internal parameter is easily reached through the typical tree structure, widely known to Windows system users

The devices allow displaying the parameters in numerical and graphic mode, both for periodical analysis and for harmonic analysis

The graphic function “vector diagram” allows, among other things, to immediately evaluate the phase angle between input voltage and current signals, thus defining the loads’ nature

The 15MB internal memory allows saving recorded data for a remarkable number of consecutive days

Model PQA824, compared to PQA823 and VEGA78, also allows detecting spikes on input voltages with a minimum resolution of 5μs (200kHz), setting different trigger thresholds which are very useful when solving typical problems on installations (monitoring atmospheric charges, commutations of switching suppliers, disturbance frequencies), etc